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6 Favorite Augmented Reality Coloring Pages from Quiver

February 28, 2017

Followers of know that I’m a huge fan of scannable technology. QR codes and augmented reality can promote deeper learning when used thoughtfully in a lesson. One of my favorite augmented reality apps is Quiver. I had the chance to use their awesome augmented reality coloring pages just a few weeks ago during iPad family programming with the amazing folks at LitWorld.

If you haven’t used Quiver before, it gives students a variety of coloring book pages that turn into augmented reality images. I actually featured two pictures of Quiver in action on the cover of my book Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom. Students can use all different colors to color the pages as they explore different topics. Coloring book pages might not feel very educational on the surface, but just like any app it depends on how you connect technology to your learning goals – tasks before apps. The list below highlights some of my favorite augmented reality triggers from the folks at Quiver.

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6 Favorite Augmented Reality Coloring Pages from Quiver

  • Animal Cell – this page is perfect for exploring the parts of an animal cell
  • Volcano – students can watch a volcanic eruption and label parts of the picture
  • World Map – as students name the continents and oceans as they can use domain-specific vocabulary in their discussion
  • Shark – with this page students can create a colorful shark to inspire creative writing
  • Nation Flag – as students explore different countries they can replicate or design a new flag for a nation they’ve learned about
  • Plant Cell – this page lets kids tap and learn about the names of each part of a plant cell

Some of the coloring pages offered by Quiver work with the free app. Others need the full version Quiver EDU. You can also learn more about Quiver’s augmented reality coloring book pages on their website!

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