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5 Things You Can Try with Bloomz Before the End of the Year

February 20, 2017

With a few more months left in the school year it’s not too late to try out a new parent communication tool or take your current family engagement routine to the next level. Earlier this month I had the chance to meet the Founder and CEO of the awesome parent communication tool Bloomz. Chaks Appalabattula and I spoke about the awesome things happening at Bloomz!

If you haven’t checked out Bloomz before, it is a fantastic mobile and web app that connects teachers with parents. Teachers can communicate and coordinate with families, share photos and updates on daily activities, and send out reminders for special events. Whether you’re just getting started with this super cool tool or have already set it up in your classroom, I thought it would be fun to share a few things you can try with Bloomz before the end of the school year! This list can help you become familiar with Bloomz and get feedback from parents.

Bloomz Parent Communication Tool

Here are five things you can try with the Bloomz parent communication tool:

  1. Create an integrated class calendar to help parents keep track of activities (great for spring events!)
  2. Try out two-way messaging to open up communication with families
  3. Use Bloomz for sign-ups for your next special event like a family literacy night
  4. Share photos from a class field trip so parents who couldn’t attend can still be part of the fun
  5. Collect videos from a presentation or assembly to post for families to see


To see just how easy Bloomz is, check out the video above. It shows how class updates and posts work on Bloomz – perfect for teachers new to the tool. The team at Bloomz has lots of resources for teachers getting started.

Visit Bloomz on the web to learn more about this terrific parent communication tool!

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