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Kinvolved Attendance Tool’s Powerful Impact Report

January 9, 2017

As a former New York City public school teacher I’m so excited to share the findings of a special report from the folks at Kinvolved. Kinvolved is a company that helps schools keep track and share attendance data. With the Kinvolved attendance tool, teachers can easily take class attendance and instantly and securely send notifications to families.

Opening up this communication and sharing information in real time has had a huge impact on school using Kinvolved. Kinvolved’s 2015-2016 Impact Report also demonstrates how this tool has been used to secure gains in attendance across partnering schools here in New York City.

Kinvolved Attendance Tool

The team at Kinvolved wanted to test their hypothesis, if schools send attendance-tailored text messages to students’ kinship networks, then attendance will improve. 

Kinvolved sent over one million text messages to families with attendance information. This is in partnership with over one thousand teachers in New York City. The goal was to inform families when their children were late or absent from class. This way they could follow up with their children to make sure they were where they needed to be at the right time.

Attendance Tool

Attendance across high schools using Kinvolved improved 13 times the rate of improvement across of all the high schools in the New York City Department of Education. This includes an improvement rate of 2.6%. Across all of the K-12 schools partnered with Kinvolved, student attendance improved by 1.6%. This is three times the average New York City school’s rate of improvement.

I have also had the opportunity to hear the Kinvolved team speak at events here in New York City. The work they are doing is powerful, and their 2015-2016 Impact Report shows measurable results. If your school is struggling to address issues around attendance and family engagement, you’ll definitely want to check out Kinvolved. The video above highlights the data, and parent, student and teacher stories. It will demonstrate the impact of Kinvolved in classrooms across New York City.

Learn more about Kinvolved by visiting their website or click here to view the full report!

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