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5 Special Features of Twine Learning Management System

November 8, 2016

Have you heard of Twine? Last week I had the chance to see a demo of Twine. This awesome Learning Management System (LMS) helps teachers keep track of student progress. It gives parents a window into student learning. Twine is a centralized platform for schools.

5 Ways Twine Stands Outs from other LMS and EdTech Platforms

1. Unlike LMS platforms that target individual teachers, Twine is more centralized so teaches can work together, administrators have insight to everything on the system, and teachers don’t have to do any setup. Rather than individual teachers making ad-hoc technology decisions, everything they need is under one roof.

2. Twine keeps parents happy by giving them a single login. It gives them a 360-degree view of everything going on with their students. This includes attendance, field trips, grades, homework and more.

3. It provides SIS functions such as student scheduling, attendance and report card generation, with online classrooms that encourage ongoing communication and daily use. Teachers and students use Twine daily. So they can generate interim reports and report cards at any time.

4. Being centralized means there are a myriad of other functions Twine provides that aren’t possible with other platforms. This includes community-wide announcements and groups for extracurricular activities and clubs. It provides a detailed student panorama where staff can coordinate on the needs of each student, personalized schedules, and more. All this makes Twine a perfect one-stop shop for independent schools.

5. Unlike other platforms that have “free” offerings that are paid for with advertising or selling user data, Twine offers simple, reasonable monthly pricing based on the number of a school’s student population.

Learn more about Twine by visiting their website!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

2 Responses to “5 Special Features of Twine Learning Management System”

  1. I think that the idea of parents and teaches being able to access the same form to see what their children are doing is a great idea. I also think that it is a great way for parents to help their kids be self motivated at doing their tasks. I believe that if schools were to use a technology like this, the productivity and success of the school would increase dramatically.

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