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3 Reasons to Try Paperscorer App This School Year

September 22, 2016

Looking to auto-score assessments? Paperscorer is a app that lets teachers generate bubble sheets from quizzes they’ve created. It gives teachers the power to decide what they want to assess when checking for student understanding. This can happen in the middle or end of a unit of study. If you’re already using Google for Education and Instructor Canvas in your school, Paperscorer easily integrates with these systems. The overview video below also gives you a feel for the quick steps teachers can take to make their own assessments that can be administered in paper and auto-scored using their mobile device.

Paperscorer App 

  1. Paper and paperless: If your school is making the transition to using more digital devices in your classroom, Paperscorer gives you tools to start. Teachers can design all of their quizzes online and generate a printable bubble sheet for students. If your kids are using pencil and paper to demonstrate their understanding, they can bubble in Paperscorer sheets for you to review.
  2. Tool integration: Paperscorer integrates with popular tools already being used in many schools. Teachers with access to Google for Education and Instructor Canvas can create their quizzes online and scan student results. When teachers scan paper sheets the results go into systems teachers are already using.
  3. Saves time: Teachers can use Paperscorer as a formative assessment tool and even allow students to self-grade their assessments. After teachers have reviewed the results, students can take actions based on teacher feedback. Teachers can spend less time on grading and more time on instructional decisions.

Paperscorer also has free plans for teachers. They can start with hundreds of scans at no cost. If you want to scan an unlimited number (regardless of the total number of papers) the cost is only $6.99 for the year. Visit Paperscorer’s website to learn more about this super cool teacher tool!

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