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3 Ways Pythonroom Makes It Easy to Start a Coding Class

September 1, 2016
Have you decided to start a coding class this year? I’m really excited about Pythonroom. This online platform is perfect for teachers looking to teach a computer science to their students but not sure where to start. If you haven’t heard of Pythonroom, it’s the industry’s first totally autonomous coding education management system. It is the perfect next step after drag and drop coding environments. This is because it introduces students to computer science through scripting, similar to what students will see when they move into careers in the field of computer science.

Looking to start a coding class?

  1. The Pythonroom platform contains over 130 lessons and problems. You can log into the classroom management dashboard, and find real-time analytics on student performance.
  2. Check out the features such as automatic grading, detailed error messages, and a live feed of student activity. This will give you the flexibility to focus on facilitating students learning instead of classroom management and curriculum delivery.
  3. If you’re completely new to coding and want you can learn about computer science along with your students. After you make decisions on student learning goals, join the Pythonroom course with your students to explore different learning modules.
Pythonroom’s curriculum is designed to teach students problem-solving and algorithmic thinking. Their lessons are in a dynamic order to enhance retention and created with new learners in mind. Students explore computer science by mastering basic instructions to solve simple problems. Then they work their way into more challenging concepts and larger programs.
The Pythonroom platform also allows instructors to deliver their own curriculum. This means teachers do not have to solely rely on Pythonroom’s curriculum if they’d like more flexibility. Whether you are an experienced computer science instructor or a first-time teacher, Pythonroom will make your teaching experience smoother and easier to manage.
Visit Pythonroom’s website to get started!

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