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CoSpaces Virtual Reality Creator for Teachers and Students

August 7, 2016

You’ve probably heard. Virtual reality is one of the hottest topics in education this year. CoSpaces is a free virtual reality creator tool. It makes it possible to create virtual reality content yourself or let students create it. One reason I’m so excited about CoSpaces is because it combines content creation and content consumption.

Virtual Reality Creator

With CoSpaces, virtual reality isn’t only experienced from a consumer, but also a creator’s perspective. It gives kids the chance to get creative with a new medium. You might use it in class for storytelling, building models, immersive infographics, or to create VR exhibitions. CoSpaces is a free platform consisting of a browser and a mobile app.

With the browser app, you can also create VR content via drag and drop (on a computer or laptop). With the mobile app, you experience your own virtual reality content on a smartphone plus a cardboard headset or look at someone else’s creation if they share it with you. Virtual reality is a powerful medium for more content consumption and creation. There are so many ways for you to make the most of this powerful medium to your classroom.

Visit CoSpaces’ website to learn more!

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