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5 Reasons to Try QuBowl This School Year

August 2, 2016
Last summer I shared the totally terrific QuBowl! If you’ve ever coached a Quiz Bowl, you know how tough it can be to not only motivate your players to train but also to track their progress. QuBowl is an online Quiz Bowl training platform that uses analytics to help students and teams train more effectively. Players can practice with category quizzes. They can also access daily practice rounds on the site. Then students can see their rating, best and worst categories, and more. Instead of wasting time reading through broad question packets, students can see exactly where they are weakest and focus on that.

Reasons to try QuBowl Online Quiz Bowl Platform

  1. Coaches can try QuBowl absolutely free with a 14-day trial (they don’t even require a credit card to sign up).
  2. There are student success stories with QuBowl. A non traditional team, Russellville High School, recently won a state championship using this tool!
  3. Users have options to access both pyramidal and quick recall style questions that are broken out by category.
  4. QuBowl has an analytics suite that helps coaches see where their players are strong/weak. This helps Quiz Bowl groups practice more efficiently.
  5. There is a special coach moderate mode designed specifically for in-class practice.
This training tool is available to students as individuals or for teams as a whole with both monthly and yearly subscription options.  If you’re starting a Quiz Bowl team this school year or looking to try something new, check out QuBowl as you get ready for back-to-school.
Learn more about this super cool tool by visiting QuBowl’s website!

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