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8 Dinosaur Apps and Websites for Students

July 28, 2016

It might be hard to imagine bringing a dinosaur into your classroom. With these online resources you won’t have to look too far. You will find the perfect app or website for your next unit of study. If you want to help students build background knowledge before a read aloud, or make connections to a science unit, you’ll want to dig into this list.

Recently I visited a classroom and made a reference to the movie Jurassic Park. The kids quickly reminded me that the movie was called Jurassic World. It’s the same amusing response I get from a child when I incorrectly refer to a movie as a video. No matter what age of students you’re working worth, they are sure to be fascinated by these massive creatures that lived so long ago.

Dinosaur Apps and Websites for Kids

  1. Dinosaur’s Among Us: This website is full of resources on the special exhibition at the Museum of Natural History. Even if you’re faraway from New York City you’ll find lots to explore on this site.
  2. It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex: Students can learn about a T-Rex in this interactive eBook app from Oceanhouse Media.
  3. The Dinosaur Museum: On this site you’ll find lots of fun facts and information about dinosaurs – including news about new discoveries.
  4. Kids Dinos: Full of information and games, this website will help students find the answers to all of their dinosaur questions.
  5. Ultimate Dinopedia: Complete Dinosaur Reference: This app from National Geographic is a fantastic resource full of dinosaur info.
  6. 123 Dinosaur Coloring: Kids can access digital coloring book pages with this simple and straightforward app.
  7. Dinosaur Park: A super fun fossil discovery game is a playful introduction to dinosaurs.
  8. World Of Dinosaurs: Kids on iPads can access lots of dinosaur facts with this app.

Do you have a favorite dinosaur app or website? Add in the comments below!

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