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Explore Plant Life with NAMOO 3D Simulations

June 4, 2016

NAMOO – Wonders of Plant Life is a new iPad app that offers an opportunity to explore the life of plants. With this app students can access interactive 3D simulations and educational content. NAMOO lets kids work their way through nine chapters to learn about a range of plant life topics. Students can explore roots, root tips, leaf anatomy, plant cells, photosynthesis, flowers, fruits, trunks, and stems in NAMOO. This app contains original 3D artwork, music and sound design to help students understand plant life.

Plant Life App

How could you use the NAMOO plant life app in your classroom?

Try using NAMOO instead of a textbook to gives students room to explore the interactive graphics. Kids can tap on the screen and read encyclopedia style entries. This app is perfect for independent exploration of informational text or for teachers to demo to their students on a large projection screen.

This plant life app is full of information on plants from growth rings to root caps. You’re sure to spark the interest of students as you give them a chance to interact with high-quality content. The NAMOO plant life app a great choice for kicking off a new unit or clarifying a concept before diving into the topic even deeper.

Visit NAMOO – Wonders of Plant Life on the Apple App Store to learn more!

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