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LibriVox Free Audio Books: Search & Download Classics

April 27, 2016

If you read on a digital device you’ve probably searched through the free books category and found books in the public domain. There are many classic pieces of literature teachers and students can download to read for free on their smartphone or tablet. Started over 10 years ago, LibriVox is a fantastic online resource for free audio books – letting users everywhere search and download audio files of classics.

LibriVox uses volunteers to record passages of books that are already available in the public domain. They host a website where all of the audio files are ready to download. These free audio books can be opened on different devices – the same way you would play a music file to listen to a song on your smartphone or tablet.

 Free Audio Books

LibriVox Free Audio Books: Search & Download ClassicsWhy would I use free audio books?

  • …to prepare for class  by reviewing a passage of a book on your commute. Think about those long car rides or quick trips on a crowded subway. Audio books are a natural fit for most commutes.
  • …to support struggling readers by letting them listen to a text as they follow along. Many students have access to a smart phone or tablet outside of the classroom. Whether they use their parent’s device or listen on their own, free audio books can also be used in a flipped learning environment.
  • …to build listening skills and strengthen active reading skills by giving students access to challenging texts. These audio books might be above reading levels for certain students in your classroom but can help them make meaning of texts they could not read independently. It is also an opportunity to create shared reading experiences.

LibriVox also takes volunteer submissions of books read aloud to add to their site. Just getting started? Use the search bar to investigate authors like Jane Austen or classic literature like Treasure Island.

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