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7 FREE Mobile & Web Tools from the National Archives

April 26, 2016

Looking for quality, free resources for your classroom? The National Archives apps and web resources are perfect for K-12 classrooms. Teachers can access lots of primary source documents, video clips, and interactive ebooks for students. All of these resources are totally free and you’ll find tools that work on mobile devices and web browsers.

It’s wild to think how much digital tools have changed the way we think about research and gathering information. With the National Archives apps and the National Archives website you can locate lots of content for your classroom.

National Archives Apps & Web Tools

  • 7 FREE Mobile & Web Tools from the National Archives-minDocsTeach DocsTeach has a fantastic website (in addition to their iOS and Android apps) that give teachers tons of resources for finding and using primary source documents in their classroom. However, you’ll want to have a clear focus when you go into search – there are so many choices!
  • YouTube Channel The National Archive’s YouTube channel has lots to choose from. There are interviews with experts and spotlights on different topics.
  • Today’s Document With a new document each day, this app is perfect for getting students talking about history. You can use this as a do now activity or part of a writing prompt.
  • iTunes U Collection (click this link on your iPad/iPhone)
  • Congress Creates the Bill of Rights The iBook and iPad app are free resources that include content that helps students understand the legislative process.  You’ll find primary source documents and interactive features for students.
  • To the Brink This app contains primary source documents related to the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was developed for an onsite exhibit and great for a deep dive into this historical event.
  • The Meaning and Making of Emancipation Another ebook option, this choice is available on lots of devices. It was created for the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and includes primary source documents.

Want even more resources for your social studies classroom? You can also take a look at this list of 15 Apps and Websites for Primary Source Documents

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