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Digital Writing for Classrooms: Write About Web Tool & App

April 29, 2016

Are you using digital writing tools with students? The team at Write About has developed an online platform and mobile app to help students grow as writers inside and outside of the classroom. I’ve shared their iPad app across the country during professional development sessions on Writing Workshop with Technology with teachers. I’m very excited about the website! Unlike other tools it provides teachers with lots of ways to support their students.

Digital Writing for Classrooms

Digital Writing for Classrooms- Write About Web Tool & App-minThe Write About digital writing tool gives users access to:

  • hundreds of visual ideas to spark every genre of writing
  • layers of publishing for sharing to a local or global audience
  • personalized annotations and private voice feedback for students
  • custom groups for student interests, projects and collaborations
  • free database of writing lesson plans and additional standards-aligned resources

What I love about and other digital writing tools is how it connects to the way students write in the real world. The online platform and mobile app also provides visuals to support students of all levels including English Language Learners. These tools let teachers capture student creations to share with families or any audience instead of just their classmates. So regardless of what your students create, you can share it with a local or global audience!

Learn more by visiting!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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2 Responses to “Digital Writing for Classrooms: Write About Web Tool & App”

  1. Arnold

    Monica, The Write About seems very promising for me. I discovered their website and have checked the main features.

    As for me, it would be great if they could integrate into their online platform instant plagiarism checker (some tool, that could work on the level of standalone plagiarism checker such as Unplag or similar ones).

    It would be a great upgrade of this writing platform as, unfortunately, some students from high school could try cheating on writing assignments.

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