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TOTI Virtual Teaching Online Learning Center for Readers

March 24, 2016

TOTI Virtual Teaching is an online learning center for teens and adults struggling to read. They offer intensive teaching and practice teen and adult readers can access from home. Their certified teachers have Special Ed and ESL qualifications and meet students online once a week. The TOTI Virtual Teaching practice tool is filled with content for older readers and teachers configure it for each student. This is done to accommodate accents or speech issues.

Online Learning Center

TOTI Virtual Teaching Online Learning Center for Readers 1

Students can find a comfortable place at home and on their desktop, tablet or smartphone choose what to read from hundreds of short books. The text is read and highlighted for them, then when they’re ready the students record their reading and the tool gives automatic feedback and offers guided corrections. After successfully completing a book, students are tested for comprehension. Parents and teachers get weekly reports on the student’s results and progress (e.g. time spent practicing, access to student recordings, list of problem words, test scores).

Learn more about TOTI Virtual Teaching, their pricing structure and options, by visiting their website!

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