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Use Ving with Google Classroom to Organize & Tailor Instruction

March 13, 2016

Ving is a cloud-based engagement platform that is now integrated with Google Classroom. It helps teachers better organize assignments and tailor customized instruction to meet students’ different needs. Ving makes it easier for educators to give children — particularly those with special needs or at high risk — the appropriate tools to understand and complete step-by-step assignments.

Ving with Google Classroom

Use Ving with Google Classroom to Organize & Tailor Instruction 1Teachers send assignments, instructions, and other shareable information through Ving’s digital information packets. This can include a variety of multimedia and supporting resources to deliver clear, concise instructions, making multi-step assignments easier to digest and understand. Vings are sharable and reusable between teachers for use in other classes. The Ving dashboard lets teachers monitor which students are engaged with classroom content, as well as determine which steps during a project or assignment are causing difficulties or delays for individual students.

Ving is currently available as a Gmail extension through the Chrome Web store or from their website!

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