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Odeum Role-Playing Games for Education for Critical Thinking

February 24, 2016

Using role-playing games for education? The folks at Odeum are developing customizable and ready-to-go educational games for teachers.  These role-playing games apply to a variety of subjects including social studies, language arts, literature and more. Educators can also choose from games that feature Macbeth and Anne Frank or use different historical environments for customizable activities. Their “plug-and-play” kits of theaters, actors, and scene maps cover different topics and make it easy to tailor activities to specific curriculums.

Role-Playing Games for Education

Odeum Role-Playing Games for Education for Critical Thinking 1Odeum provides opportunities for students to think critically and make decisions in their adaptive platform too. It also promotes active participation and asks students to demonstrate their understanding as they move their way through the game. Odium could certainly be part of homework or in a flipped classroom model and teachers can choose the way they use it with their students.

Visit Odeum’s website to learn more about this role-playing educational game too!

Here is another set of new resources for you to also check out!

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