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SAT App from Zinkerz: Adaptive, Comprehensive Study Tool

January 28, 2016

he team at Zinkerz has developed an SAT app designed to help students prepare for this college entry exam.  Availabe in the Apple App Store for iPads and iPhones, and the Google Play Store for Android devices, Prep For The SAT Test contains adaptive material that senses and personalizes to each student’s needs.  It offers detailed performance tracking so students know which areas they’ve mastered and where they’ll need to spend more time.

SAT App from Zinkerz

SAT App from Zinkerz: Adaptive, Comprehensive Study ToolPrep For The SAT by Zinkerz includes an accurate estimated SAT score, full length SAT practice tests, and the material in the app is consistently updated.  Practicing for the SATs has evolved from a huge textbook full of copies of old exams, to a study routine that makes use of mobile technology including smartphones and tablets.  The Zinkerz apps can help students stay on top of their study routine while they’re on the go.

Visit Zinkerz’s website, the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store to learn more!

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