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Create Rubrics Online with Quick Rubric Grading Tool

January 15, 2016

Quick Rubric is an online tool that lets users easily create rubrics.  Teachers can create a free account and design their own rubrics on the web.  Quick Rubric gives teachers a space to create, edit, copy, save, share, and print rubrics all from their web browser.  The straightforward interface lets teachers add columns and organize expectations as they design their assessment tool.

Quick Rubric Grading Tool

Create Rubrics Online with Quick Rubric Grading ToolThis online tool for creating rubrics is completely free.  Teachers create a login to save their creations, making it easy to go back and edit any finished products.  Quick Rubric automatically calculates and updates scoring based on assigned point values.  The platform is intuitive and works on any web browser.  With Quick Rubric teachers can create rubrics for any subject area quickly and easily.

Visit Quick Rubric’s website to get started!

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