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3 Infographic Tools for Students: Websites & iOS Apps

December 12, 2015

Teachers ask students to demonstrate their understanding of a topic in many different ways.  Kids might show what they learned about an ecosystem by creating a movie or writing a report.  In other classes, students might be asked to give a presentation using visuals on PowerPoint slides or show off a three-dimensional diorama. Another option teachers can give students for a final project is an infographic. Here are some of my favorite Infographic Tools!

Infographics are visual representations designed to showcase information on a topic.  They include features such as images, icons, graphs, and data points.  Infographics present information in a visual format that is straightforward and easy to understand. An infographic might show a cause and effect relationship, a sequence of events or statistics tied into a call to action.  Students can make infographics using technology tools on mobile devices or websites.

Infographic Tools for Students

Canva (websiteiPad)  Canva is a fantastic design tool that is fantastic for creating infographics.  Students and teachers can login to Canva on the web or use their free iPad app.  Canva lets users search through lots of icons, shapes and images and add text to their page.  Infographics can be in lots of shapes.  Canva gives users choices based on popular social media sizes as well as the option to add custom dimensions.

Venngage (website)  Another web-friendly option for creating infographics is Venngage.  Users start off by selecting a template and then add charts and visuals to customize their design.  Venngage has special education pricing and a 14 day free trial.

Keynote (MaciOS)  Keynote is my go-to presentation tool but it has lots of other uses besides slide creation.  I’ve used it to design handouts, graphic organizers and shareable resources for teachers.  Here’s a great step-by-step guide to using Keynote for infographics.

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