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Crazy Gears App to Play and Learn on iPads

December 6, 2015

Crazy Gears Play and Learn on iPads 1Crazy Gears is an educational app from the folks behind Busy Shapes.  Children can explore gears, chains, rods and pulleys in this interactive iPad app.  Users construct machines as they notice how different combinations influence their design.  Inspired by Seymour Papert’s theory on educational technology, this Gears App was also designed to provide students with a playful space to explore relationships between objects.

Crazy Gears App

The kid-friendly interface of Crazy Gears also gives students an opportunity to move objects across their screen.  There are no directions to follow giving students to the freedom to explore. Crazy Gears connects to STEM topics including: gears, mechanical systems, motion, tension, and more. It’s bright, colorful and will hold the interest of students.

Learn more by visiting Crazy Gears on the App Store!

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