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3 Math Apps for Stations

December 1, 2015

Designing math stations in your classroom? iPads can give students access to learning games and virtual math manipulatives.  Teachers looking to engage students with interactive activities can incorporate iPad apps into station work.  This is a great option for classrooms with access to just a few devices. As well as for teachers looking to make the most of their resources.  Here are a few math apps that can be used in stations in your classroom – don’t forget to place the task before the app so you’re learning goals stay front and center.

Math Apps for Stations

YodelOh Math Mountain Students working with the four operations – addition, subtraction, division and multiplication – will love YodelOh Math Mountain.  This engaging, animated app presents a variety of problems for students to solve. Kids will have to tap the screen to answer math fact questions before their yodeler falls off the mountaintop.

Number Rack, by The Math Learning Center The virtual manipulatives in the app can support math learning happening at a variety of grade levels.  Depending on the task you’ve provided students at a particular station, kids can move the beads across the screen and annotate their work. A quick screenshot will show you their explanation as students work independently or with partners at a station.

Curious Ruler Curious Hat is a company that has made tons of terrific apps for students.  Curious Ruler is a super cool math app that is perfect for stations.  This app helps students measure everyday objects by comparing them to standard items as a reference.  For example, students can hold the camera over a standard measurement item like a coin or Lego and place another item next to it.  This app will help them compare measurements and find the length of their item.

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