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Virry iPad App: Live Animal Video Feed for Students

November 24, 2015

I love apps that take students on virtual field trips to explore life in other parts of the world.  Virry is a great example of an iPad app that changes the way we think about using a tablet in the classroom.  With Virry, students can watch a Live Animal Video Feed of animals in their natural habitats.  Live video feeds and prerecorded clips for kids to watch can also help children learn about a variety of animals.

Live Animal Video Feed

Virry iPad App Live Animal Video Feed for Students 2Virry introduces kids to lions, meerkats, rhinos, and giraffes.  Students can play interactive games, answer quiz questions and sit back and watch.  This app is a great tool for teachers looking to extend work in a traditional lesson or incorporate multimedia into a class discussion.  Virry can be a research tool for students. It can also be an engaging way for them to learn about different animals and the way they live.  Virry was recently nominated for a 2015 BAFTA Children’s award and is available to download on iPads.

Visit the Apple App Store to learn more about Virry!

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