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Cheeky Fingers Piano Chord Dictionary App

November 18, 2015

Cheeky Fingers Piano Chord Dictionary App 1Cheeky Fingers is a piano chord dictionary for the iPhone and iPad that is perfect for music students on the go.  With a simple interface and straightforward terminology, this Chord Dictionary app for iOS is a great companion for music educators ands students learning how to play the piano.  This easy to use app presents piano chords to students.  When users choose a key to see chord variations they’ll access related chords and progressions in that key.

Piano Chord Dictionary App

This iOS app lets students and teachers access hundreds of chords and listen to progression.  Users can listen to four different pianos and toggle between octaves.  Cheeky Finders is a one-time purchase with no additional content to unlock.

Visit the Apple App Store to learn more about Cheeky Fingers!

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