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Door 24 Plus: Math Fact Game for Kids

October 29, 2015

Door 24 Plus is a free iPad Math Fact Game for Kids in grades 1-8.  It works to establish students’ fact fluency and then builds computational fluency.  Door 24 Plus requires students to solve problems using basic facts, number sense and algebraic thinking.  This iPad app contains two games: Snargg Splatt to develop fact fluency and Victor Fixer to develop computational fluency.  After completing a quick assessment to identify skill gaps and growth areas, the app will assign students to the game that will best meet their needs.

Math Fact Game for Kids

Math Fact game for kidsStudents can use the app at both school and home to engage in personalized and game-based learning.  Door 24 Plus complements Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction program.  This app is useful as a means of intervention and skill building for students inside and outside of the classroom. Is math fluency a priority this school year? Instead of classroom use, you might recommend this app to families. Students can use this app in lots of different ways. You can share ideas in the comments of this post!

Visit the Apple App Store to download Door 24 Plus for free!

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31 Responses to “Door 24 Plus: Math Fact Game for Kids”

  1. I am using this Door24Plus for my action research in the first-grade class (only five students who struggle with math) during my student teaching.
    But I don’t know how I can see the progress.
    Do you know how I can check their progress?
    The school uses iReady, and my advisor from my college said I may be able to check through iReady, but I donn’t know how I can link to that.

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