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Cashtivity: An Online Platform for the PBL Classroom

August 7, 2015

In a project-based learning (or PBL) environment students explore a topic by solving a problem.  Earlier this summer I shared Cashtivity, a free online platform that can help students run their own business.  It provides kids with the tools they need to brainstorm and make decisions about running a business while working in teams.  Students can build entrepreneurial skills and they complete a task in a project-based learning classroom.

Online Platform for the PBL Classroom

Cashtivity: An Online Platform for the PBL ClassroomIn a project-based learning environment Cashtivity is an essential tool for guiding students through the process of running their business and working with peers.  Cashtivity helps students develop a business plan and an understanding of financial math like projecting costs and budgeting.  Its online platform promotes collaboration and encourages students to problem solve as a team.  Cashtivity is a great choice for teachers looking to energize their instruction and incorporate technology tools into a PBL classroom.

Visit Cashtivity’s website to learn more!

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