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Virtual Field Trips: Search & Schedule with FieldTripZoom

August 10, 2015

If you’ve ever felt like your location or budget made field trips tough for your classroom, there’s a great virtual solution worth exploring. FieldTripZoom provides teachers with an online service that lets them search, order, schedule and connect to hundreds of live interactive educational programs. These programs provide students with unique learning experiences that can connect to your teaching objectives and learning goals.

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips: Search & Schedule with FieldTripZoomWhether it is history, math, science, the arts, anthropology or other subject matter areas, these organizations can bring course content to life.  FieldTripZoom has over 400 programs offered by over 30 content providers across the world listed in their online catalog. Teachers can connect to these programs using equipment they already have in their classroom like a laptop, smart board, overhead projector or an iPad.  Schools can decide to pay for each field trip individually or sign up for a prepaid package.

Learn more about FieldTripZoom by visiting their website!

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