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Imagination Playground 3D Builder App

July 27, 2015

On tablets students have the opportunity to create their own worlds.  With the 3D Builder App for iPads and Android devices, students can play with an endless supply of blocks and tools.  This app from Imagination Playground was designed to help students increase their play time and support child-directed play.  Students can work freely and use their creativity as they explore this app.

3D Builder App

Imagination Playground 3D Builder AppThe 3D Builder App supports purposeful play while encouraging students to be creative.  Just like foam blocks students can stack, connect, and channel to make their own buildings within the app.  In addition to problem solving, students can strengthen their motor skill development and work towards the accomplishment of finishing their creation.  The folks at Imagination Playground also have foam blocks that mirror the ones in this app.

Check out Imagination Playground’s 3D Builder App or visit their website to learn about the Build-A-Thon promotion taking place through 9/15/15!

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