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Cashtivity: Bring Entrepreneurship Education to Your Classroom

July 28, 2015

Entrepreneurship education provides students with an introduction to skills that can be applied in the real world.  By engaging in tasks that connect to their everyday life, students will see a purpose for the math instruction, group work, and presentation skills that are woven throughout K-12 curriculum.  Cashtivity is a fantastic, free online tool for teachers looking to energize their instruction.  This online tool provides a platform for students to run their own business.

Entrepreneurship Education

Cashtivity: Bring Entrepreneurship Education to Your ClassroomWith Cashtivity students will brainstorm their own product ideas, collaborate with a small group to make decisions, and learn how to determine prices and monitor demand.  The Cashtivity tool provides an online space for students to come together.  Students can work as teams to see their entrepreneurial vision come to life while applying cross-curricular skills to their project.  Cashtivity provides the resources you need to bring entrepreneurship education to your classroom.

Visit Cashtivity’s website to learn more!

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