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Language Learning with Drawp – Support ELL Students

June 10, 2015

Drawp is a powerful app for teachers looking to engage students and manage their classroom workflow.  Teachers working with English Language Learners, or students learning a second language, love the voice recording features in Drawp.  Teachers can add voice stickers to any worksheet that they have by using Drawp. Looking for a language learning tool for students? Drawp might be the answer!

The voice recording feature lets teachers give directions to students, like asking them to label images in Drawp. Then teachers can give feedback or correct pronunciation with their own voice stickers on the assignment.

Language Learning Tool

Drawp for School ELLStudents can work with worksheets on Drawp, can draw or take a photo as part of the assignment, and then add the text and/or voice stickers.  This can all happen as they can collaborate with other students and get feedback from the teacher. Drawp is a powerful communication and learning tool for language learners and for language teachers.

Learn more about using Drawp in your classroom by visiting their website!

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