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PowerUp WHAT WORKS Free Resource Library

May 29, 2015

PowerUp WHAT WORKS resources for struggling students and those with disabilities are now available in the OpenEd free resource library. OpenEd is the creator of the world’s largest online collection of standards-aligned resources that I shared earlier this year.  PowerUp provides customizable materials. There are also lesson plans, instructional strategies, videos and more. These can enhance learning for students with diverse needs. They can also help personalize learning with technology and Universal Design for Learning.

Free Resource Library

PowerUp WHAT WORKS and OpenEd screens hot 1The PowerUp resources are completely free for OpenEd users.  Teachers can use customize materials, such as instructional strategies, case studies and tech tips, to both enhance and guide lesson planning.  It provides teachers with a powerful and effective way to reach all students, including  struggling students and those with disabilities.  PowerUp can support teachers looking to  create instructional content to meet the needs of every student. It encourages the integration of technology tools to personalize instruction and translate ULD principles into practice.

Learn more about OpenEd and PowerUp WHAT WORKS resources by visiting their website!

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