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ESL/ELD Digital Courseware by Teacher’s Discovery

May 14, 2015

Digital resources can support students who are learning English as a second language.  Voces® ESL/ELD Digital Courseware by Teacher’s Discovery is a complete digital resource. The organization is like a traditional textbook. But there are extra digital features, like video, audio, and automatic grading. In addition to their courseware, Voces also offers US History, Introductory Spanish, Spanish 1, Spanish 2. They also offer Literature, Grammar & Writing, and Nonfiction.

Digital Courseware
Digital Courseware

Students and teachers can also access this courseware on any type of electronic device. This includes computers, tablets, laptops, and smart phones with an Internet connection. Voces® ESL/ELD Digital Courseware targets high school-aged students. They also focus on beginner to low intermediate ELLs.  It has lots of practice activities and lessons. They certainly encourage students to interact with the world around them and present, speak, listen, and learn.

Visit their website to learn more!

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