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Seesaw Journal: A Tool for English Language Learners

February 5, 2015

Last month I shared Seesaw, a new app from the makers of Shadow Puppet that provides a quick and easy way to capture student work.  Seesaw Journal lets students snap a picture of their work and record their voice.  It provides a unique way for children to interact with what they’ve learned and demonstrate their understanding at the same time.

English Language Learners

seesaw-teacher-approval-required-before-share-seesawOne of the reasons that I think Seesaw is a fantastic choice for teachers is the way it can support English Language Learners.  Very often these students feel more comfortable conversing in English and are working to build their confidence as writers.  The audio recording feature is the perfect way to capture progress and assess English Language Learners.

Parents of English Language Learners who may have difficulty connecting with teachers who speak a different language can also benefit.  Seesaw provides visual updates to parents that cross language barriers and reach parents via app, email, or text message.  Parents can easily stay informed of progress and become more engaged with their child’s learning.

Learn more by visiting their website!

Update: Now it’s available on Chrome.

Here’s another resource using this app in your school!

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