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Simplify Your Digital Workflow with Seesaw

February 15, 2015

Earlier this month I posted about Seesaw, an app that captures student work and is great for all learners in your classroom.  With this app students can snap a picture of their work and record their voice.  It’s a neat way for children to show what they have learned about a topic.

Digital Workflow

seesaw-ios-app-web-appSeesaw can help teachers collect, organize, and share the digital creations their students make.  Students snap a picture, add audio, and tap their screen to show their teacher what they have created.  Teachers can organize all of their classwork by student name and decide which snapshots and clips they would like to share with parents.  Seesaw can import anything saved to the iPad Camera Roll and works with over 20 other popular apps to make it even easier to share their work.

Learn more about Seesaw by visiting their website!

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