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Grammarly: A Fantastic Grammar Checking Tool

January 26, 2015

If you’re look for a way to support your students as writers or simply would like an extra tool to check your own work, you’ll want to check out Grammarly.  It is an automated grammar checker web application that is already used by over four million people around the world.  Grammarly helps users detect grammar errors in their writing, detect plagiarism, and use better vocabulary words.

Grammar Checking Tool

Grammarly DashboardIn addition to their website where you can type, copy and paste, or upload a file, they’ve recently launched a Google Chrome extension that can grammar check everything from emails to Facebook comments.  Grammarly is currently working on Firefox and Safari plugins will be released later this year.  Some teachers are using Grammarly to help grade student work while students use it as a writing aid. They learn from Grammarly’s feedback and improve their writing.

Learn more about Grammarly by visiting their website!

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