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Literacy Apps for Stations: Games, Videos & More

November 23, 2014

Literacy apps for stations are a great use for just a handful of iPads in a classroom. Many teachers ask me what to do with just a handful of iPads. Whether you are in a second grade classroom with two iPads, or a library with five devices, you can create stations for students of all ages. Literacy apps are a great way to fill lots of different needs with just one iPad.

11 iPad Literacy Apps for Stations

Interactive Reading Lessons with Nearpod 5Here are a some of my favorite literacy apps for creating reading stations in your classroom – add your favorites to the comments section!

  1. News-O-Matic (reading and listening with extra activities)
  2. 7 Little Words (word games)
  3. Quizzitive (vocabulary game)
  4. KidEWords (word games)
  5. Storyline Online (read aloud videos)
  6. DK Readers (read along books)
  7. SpellMania (word games)
  8. World’s Worst Pet (vocabulary games)
  9. Synopsis (flashcards with games)
  10. Vocabulary and SpellingCity (word games)
  11. Avokiddo ABC (alphabet games)

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And for even more favorites, check out this long list!

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