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Easy Workflow with Drawp for School

November 7, 2014
I’ve shared some of the reasons why I love Drawp for School and this includes how easy it makes workflow in an iPad classroom.  With Drawp students can swipe across their screen to turn in work or share with others.  They can easily send their creations to teachers, other students in their class or even their parents if teachers allow it.  When teachers want to push work out to their students all they have to do is tap their screen – it’s an easy workflow for everyone.  With a touch of a button all students are sent assignments from the teacher.

Easy Workflow…..

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.20.05 AMTeachers can see the flow of work as students share it with each other before it comes to them. Also the work that is submitted is automatically sorted by class and student.  With a subscription teachers have unlimited storage on the Drawp cloud.  Teachers get a 30-day free trial that allows for unlimited classes, unlimited students, unlimited assignments and unlimited storage.
Learn more about Drawp and their pricing structure by visiting their website!

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