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Happy Numbers for K-2 Math

10 Apr


Teachers working with elementary school students will want to check out Happy Numbers to support Common Core Math instruction.  Happy Numbers has interactive activities directly aligned to the K – 2 standards.  Children will move objects across their screen as they learn to count,  bundle groups of tens, practice addition, and more.  The activities address the math concepts outlined in the Common Core State Standards and give students an opportunity to practice what they’ve learned in a traditional math lesson.


Happy Numbers lets teachers set up their own account with logins for each students.  There are lots of math activities to choose from and teachers can pick which ones their students have access to.  Happy Numbers makes it easy to find activities that align to your curriculum and keeps track of student progress.  Happy Numbers can be accessed from any device with a web browser!

MyScript MathPad for Equations

24 Mar


MyScript Calculator is one of my favorite apps but middle school and high school teachers might want to check out MyScript MathPad. It can handle higher level equations including trigonometry and logarithms.  This super cool, free app turns your handwriting into numerals and solves the equations in front of your eyes.  Definitely check out this powerful math tool!

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Math Facts with Mad Math

12 Mar


The App Store is full of fantastic apps for practicing math fluency (Math Vs. Zombies, Meerkat Math, Sushi Monster) and Mad Math Lite is a free app that should be added to your list of favorites.  In addition to offering flashcards on all operations, this app lets users work with decimals and negative numbers too.  Kids can write out their answer as they work through the problem before entering their response into the keypad.

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Common Core with Turbo Math

25 Feb

image1Turbo Math Sea Buddies is an engaging and colorful iPad app that children will love.  The underwater math games help students practice math topics aligned to the Common Core State Standards in kindergarten through third grade.  This app supports multiple user profiles, provides tons of free lessons, and access to even more if you upgrade.

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Model Math Word Problems

21 Feb


Math Word Problems – Addition is a wonderful app for kindergarten and first grade students.  This app provides multiple ways for children to model their computation and supports them in finding the answer.  There is audio support and lots of ways for students to find a solution. The first level of this app is free with download.

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Math Bingo for Math Facts

18 Feb

image (100)

A terrific game for practicing operational fluency, Math Monsters Bingo is another great app from TaptoLearn (Math Vs. Zombies, Measure Length – Tiny Chicken).  With this app, players will answer addition, subtraction, multiplication or subtraction problems and choose the answer on the bingo board.  Math Monsters Bingo has a few different levels – just skip the Facebook login and your kids will be ready to go!

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Animal Math Games for Kids

17 Feb

image (99)Animal Math Games for Kids is a super fun app for early learners that will help them work on counting, number sense and patterns.  This app is bright, colorful and aligned to kindergarten Common Core Standards.  Free to download and play, this app offers some upgrades to unlock the full version.

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