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EdTech Spotlight 6 Duck Duck Moose Apps

EdTech Spotlight: 6 Duck Duck Moose Apps

Duck Duck Moose is a terrific educational app company that has made a handful of apps for mobile devices.  Their apps cover a variety of skills and give students a space to create.  On this list of apps you’re sure to find something that connects to a math or speaking and listening skill you’d like students to master. Moose Math (iOS, Android, Amazon) Moose Math includes games for students that teach… Read Article →

Quick Math Practice Mental Math Facts Anywhere!

Quick Math: Practice Mental Math Facts Anywhere!

Developing mental math facts are an important foundational skill.  It can help boost a student’s confidence as they work through complex, multi-step math problems.  Quick Math is fantastic iPad app that turns mental math practice into a game for students.  It uses handwriting recognition so students can write their response on the screen and move through each question at lightning speed. Designed for children in third through sixth grade, students will… Read Article →

Door 24 Plus: Math Fact & Computational Fluency Game

Door 24 Plus: Math Fact & Computational Fluency Game

Door 24 Plus is a free iPad math app for students in grades 1-8.  It works to establish students’ fact fluency and then builds computational fluency.  Door 24 Plus requires students to solve problems using basic facts, number sense and algebraic thinking.  This iPad app contains two games: Snargg Splatt to develop fact fluency and Victor Fixer to develop computational fluency.  After completing a quick assessment to identify skill gaps and growth… Read Article →


Wonder Bunny Math Skills App: PreK-3 Series

Wonder Bunny is a learning game series that covers content from preschool to third grade.  In the Wonder Bunny math skills app kids become teachers who help superheroes grow and learn new skills. The motivation comes from getting fun super powers and riding wacky vehicles like a flying carpet. While helping their game characters learn, kids learn math concepts and operations, all within an engaging game environment. Wonder Bunny series… Read Article →

Monster Math for Practice on iPads

Monster Math is an engaging, adaptive game for students learning math facts.  With this app children will practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as they follow the adventure narrative of the two cartoon characters.  Inspired by the Number Munchers game from decades past, this iPad app has high quality graphics and animation. … Students start off with simple skill practice and the app provides new activities for kids based on their performance.  Children move at their… Read Article →

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Multiply and Divide with Lumio Farm Factor App

Lumio Farm Factor is a fun and colorful app that helps students understand the basics of multiplication and division.  Straight forward and easy to use, this iPad app is perfect for elementary school students working with number sense and operations. Students can work through different problems by moving objects across the screen and earning points for completion.  There are extra features like tips to help students if they get stuck… Read Article →

Appolino Plus Minus Math Practice for Early Elementary

This math app focuses on addition and subtraction skills and includes a variety of features to support elementary school students. It has multiple levels and is the perfect tool for helping children master fact families.  This colorful app is optimized for the large screen of an iPad and comes with nine free games.  You can upgrade to track student progress and access additional levels. Use my screencasting guide to have students… Read Article →

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Teachley App for Early Elementary Math on Your Tablet

Perfect for K-2 students, Teachley: Addimal Adventure is an engaging math app that addresses a variety of Common Core State Standards.  This addition app provides models for students to use to solve each problem, and presents a handful of strategies for students to choose from. The high quality content combined with cartoon characters makes this app a great choice for students in the early elementary school grades.  Teachley: Addimal Adventure… Read Article →

Happy Numbers for K-2 Math

Teachers working with elementary school students will want to check out Happy Numbers to support Common Core Math instruction.  Happy Numbers has interactive activities directly aligned to the K – 2 standards.  Children will move objects across their screen as they learn to count,  bundle groups of tens, practice addition, and more.  The activities address the math concepts outlined in the Common Core State Standards and give students an opportunity… Read Article →