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10 Tech Tools to Boost Vocabulary

11 Apr

There are tons of apps, websites and tools to help students acquire new vocabulary words.  With these resources you can help students learn and practice new words through games and traditional study routines.  Click on each post to read more about using these tools with students of all ages across the content areas!


  1. Word Clouds for Predictions (examine new words in an article)
  2. Math Vocabulary Cards (flashcards with models)
  3. Vocabulary with World’s Worst Pet (new words through storytelling)
  4. Vocabulary Notebook (study tool)
  5. Interactive Science Glossary for iPads (domain specific words)
  6. gFlash+ to Build Study Skills (customizable flashcards)
  7. Membean for Vocabulary (web-based tool)
  8. Futaba to Teach Vocabulary (multi-player app)
  9. Just 2 Words (puzzle game)
  10. MindSnacks: Kids Vocab (learning tool)

Bonus: Frolyc (create vocabulary lessons to share with students)

Check out these two app lists:

Happy Numbers for K-2 Math

10 Apr


Teachers working with elementary school students will want to check out Happy Numbers to support Common Core Math instruction.  Happy Numbers has interactive activities directly aligned to the K – 2 standards.  Children will move objects across their screen as they learn to count,  bundle groups of tens, practice addition, and more.  The activities address the math concepts outlined in the Common Core State Standards and give students an opportunity to practice what they’ve learned in a traditional math lesson.


Happy Numbers lets teachers set up their own account with logins for each students.  There are lots of math activities to choose from and teachers can pick which ones their students have access to.  Happy Numbers makes it easy to find activities that align to your curriculum and keeps track of student progress.  Happy Numbers can be accessed from any device with a web browser!

Avokiddo ABC Ride for Alphabet Practice

3 Apr

Avokiddo-abc-ride-mainMore than just an alphabet app, Avokiddo ABC Ride is an original A-Z puzzle adventure that builds early literacy and letter recognition skills.  Children will have to use problem solving skills to make their way through this virtual world.  Kids will use their imagination and logic to find the hidden letters and set them free to spell a word.  Avokiddo ABC Ride is interactive and definitely educational.


As kids move their bicycle across the screen they’ll reach a new puzzle waiting to be solved.  Children will have to work through each one that highlights a different set of early literacy skills. There are 26 unique scenes one for each letter of the alphabet that all include an interactive spelling activity for a new word.  This app has high quality animations that make it a great choice for the large screen of an iPad.  Check out their website or watch this video to learn more about Avokiddo ABC Ride!

CyberChase Shape Quest!

14 Mar

imageIf you’re studying shapes, geometry or spatial reasoning with students try out this free app from PBS Kids.  CyberChase Shape Quest! includes games and puzzles that will help children explore these concepts.  This app connects to the PBS series and also features an augmented reality activity!

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EduGame Spotlight: SpellMania

10 Mar

imageFor a fun way to practice spelling and push students with word games check out SpellMania.  This free iPad app asks children to locate words on a grid.  A super cool feature is the ability to tap on any word to access a complete dictionary entry.  SpellMania includes three options for students: Free Play, Puzzle Mode and Time Attack.

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Common Core with Turbo Math

25 Feb

image1Turbo Math Sea Buddies is an engaging and colorful iPad app that children will love.  The underwater math games help students practice math topics aligned to the Common Core State Standards in kindergarten through third grade.  This app supports multiple user profiles, provides tons of free lessons, and access to even more if you upgrade.

Here are a few of my favorite lesson plans for teaching Common Core Math with iPads:

Math Bingo for Math Facts

18 Feb

image (100)

A terrific game for practicing operational fluency, Math Monsters Bingo is another great app from TaptoLearn (Math Vs. Zombies, Measure Length – Tiny Chicken).  With this app, players will answer addition, subtraction, multiplication or subtraction problems and choose the answer on the bingo board.  Math Monsters Bingo has a few different levels – just skip the Facebook login and your kids will be ready to go!

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