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Long Division Practice with Tapston Math

For extra practice for long division you’ll want to take a look at Tapston Math’s app in the Apple App Store and Amazon Marketplace.  Long Division Tapston Math helps students understand the long division process.  It works with basic concepts to more challenging skills like working with remainders and decimals.  Students working through long division problems will benefit from the extra practice manipulating dividends and divisors. When students get stuck on… Read Article →

18 Useful Apps for 1to1 ipad classrooms

18 Useful Apps for 1-to-1 iPad Classrooms

If you are starting this school year in a one-to-one iPad classroom you might be wondering how to stay organized and use your devices effectively.  Instead of loading each iPad with a hundred apps, choose 10-12 quality content consumption and creation tools for your students.  Here are a list of some of my favorite apps that can shine in a one-to-one iPad classroom.  Many work great in stations or classes… Read Article →

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EduGame Spotlight: 7 Little Words for Kids

A fun app for helping students think about words and their relationships is 7 Little Words for Kids.  Similar to the game designed for grownups, this kid-friendly version is perfect for getting kids hooked on word games.  In this edugame, students have to work their way through puzzles as they interact with different letters and words. 7 Little Words for Kids is a straightforward app that makes word play fun.  This… Read Article →

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App Update: Add Video To Your TinyTap

TinyTap is a terrific creation app that I shared late last year and they have a brand new feature you’ll absolutely love.  Now teachers and students can add videos to interactive learning activities they design!  You can make your own games that require students to tap a particular part of the screen to choose an answer.  Students can also become content creators as they design activities that demonstrate their understanding of a topic…. Read Article →

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Vocabulary Quiz App: Quizzitive from Merriam-Webster

Boosting vocabulary is important at any age.  Quizzitive from Merriam-Webster is a straightforward vocabulary quiz app that will introduce students to new words.  Kids can play four different games as they learn new words and show off what they know. This vocabulary quiz app keeps track of what words children have answered correctly and gives students easy access to their definitions.  The first two levels are completely free and you can… Read Article →

Math Game to Support Common Core

There are lots of apps that are gearing their content to address the Common Core State Standards.  Math Planet is a fantastic app that contains lots of games that will help students master Common Core math skills.  Designed for students in second through eighth grade, it allows users to try out a handful of games for free before purchasing content specific to a particular grade level.  Students can have an… Read Article →

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Chicken Coop Fraction Games Apps for iPads

A silly and fun app for upper elementary students, Chicken Coop Fractions is full of high quality content.  Kids can interact with fractions by playing a variety of games designed to grab their attention and get them thinking about fractions.  This app comes with free access to an estimating fractions games and gives you the option to unlock a handful of other activities.  If you have only a few iPads in… Read Article →

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Educational Game: Brainbean Problem Solving App

I’ve shared some of my favorite educational games and here’s a great problem solving app for iPads worth checking out.  Brainbean is a colorful, kid-friendly game that will boost your students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills. This problem solving app is perfect for an enrichment station in a one-iPad classroom or when you give students time to pick an activity.  Brainbean includes games like Word Scramble, Letter List, and Lost Connections.  Teachers… Read Article →

Learn Spanish on iPads with MindSnacks App

Learn Spanish on iPads with MindSnacks App

Mindsnacks has a fantastic vocabulary app that I often recommend for teaching children tier three words.  If your students are looking to expand their Spanish vocabulary you may want to check out Learn Spanish by Mindsnacks.  Teachers and students looking to learn Spanish on iPads will love this app. Learn Spanish by Mindsnacks is a powerful app with tons of games for children to explore and free content for them to check out…. Read Article →

EduGame Spotlight: KidEWords Kids Crossword Puzzle

EduGame Spotlight: KidEWords Kids Crossword Puzzle

A great way to get children excited about language skills is to give them access to word games.  You might want to build in a few minutes of “free choice” to your morning routine and give students two or three eduapps to choose from.  KidEWords is a language skills app a fun kids crossword puzzle game from Chocolapps. Kids can access the first few levels for free and try out… Read Article →