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TRAIN Classroom Management Data Collection Tool-min

TRAIN Classroom Management Data Collection Tool

Are you collecting useful data? The numbers and information we have access to on each student rarely tells the whole picture. The folks at TRAIN (Teachers Reporting Any Incidents and Needs) have created an app to help educators collect school-wide data on classroom management data challenges. Teachers can enter reports on students behavior in seconds – and address urgent issues right away. With TRAIN educators can provide more consistent feedback about their students to… Read Article →

New from ClassDojo: Class Story for Family Communication

ClassDojo is popular classroom tool that can help motivate students and keep track of behavior.  Parents can stay in the loop with ClassDojo Messaging which lets families see their child’s progress anytime and anywhere.  Class Story is a new addition to ClassDojo that makes it even easier to share the story of your day.  Teachers can now share stories from class using photos or text updates.  The posts are shared with… Read Article →

ClassDojo Groups: Monitor Participation & Collaboration

I’m a big fan of ClassDojo and always excited to share news on updates to this powerful classroom management tool.  ClassDojo lets teachers keep track of student behavior in their classroom and keep families informed of student progress.  They’ve just launched a new feature that is perfect for teachers who encourage students to work together.  If your students are sitting in tables or working in teams you can reward participation… Read Article →

Collect School and Student Data with TRAIN

Schools and districts looking to change the way they collect data on school climate and student behavior will want to check out TRAIN.  This mobile tool is designed for school-wide data collection, analysis, and communication.  With dedicated iOS and Android apps, teachers and school leaders can collect data easily, in real time.  This includes information on student behavior and school disruptions. With easy setup and quick data input schools are… Read Article →

All-in-One App from ClassDojo Connects Teachers, Parents, and Students

All-in-One App from ClassDojo: Connects Teachers, Parents, and Students

ClassDojo has been featured on my site a handful of times the past few years because I think it is a truly transformative tool for educators.  They’ve released a brand new update that takes all of its fantastic features to the next level. The new app is available on both iOS and Android devices and includes tailored views for teachers, students and parents – one app, three ways.  Teachers get… Read Article →

ClassDojo’s New Privacy Policy

I‘ve shared some of the reasons that I love ClassDojo and their Messenger app.  It’s a terrific behavior management program that can be adapted for any classroom.  In addition to offering lots of ways to customize data collection, it gives teachers an opportunity to build communication with parents and help students stay on track. ….. Although ClassDojo collects lots of information on students for teachers to use they’re not a data… Read Article →

Pave the Way with ClassDojo!

ClassDojo is a fantastic management tool that can truly transform student behavior in your classroom.  Their mission is to help teachers improve behavior quickly and easily.  Teachers can use ClassDojo’s website or one of their mobile apps to capture and generate data on behavior that can be shared with par ents and administrators. Each student will have their own monster avatar and teachers can award feedback points for behavior in class… Read Article →

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Kibbtz.com for Student Behavior Data

Kibbtz.com gives teachers the power to manage their classroom in a fun and easy way.  This platform automatically collects the data educators need to support students.  Created by a former teacher, Kibbitz allows teachers and school administrators to make behavioral support decisions based on data. It keeps track of data on student behavior – both positive and negative. With Kibbtz teachers can quickly build reports for conferences and team meetings that address… Read Article →


Completely FREE Management App for 1:1 iPad Classrooms

Otus is a terrific management tool for teachers in one-to-one classrooms who want an easy way to keep track of student work, provide opportunities for collaboration, and so much more.  I’ve had the opportunity to share Otus with my readers and webinar attendees and want to highlight one of the fantastic aspects of this powerful app – Otus is completely FREE for students and teachers. With Otus teachers can keep… Read Article →