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TypeDojo Typing Test Website to Practice Keyboarding Skills

I received compensation in exchange for sharing this product. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own :)

The team at TypeDojo has created a typing test website to gives users of any age a space to practice keyboarding skills. This website is simple, straightforward and gets right to the point. If you are looking for a space to measure words per minute, this is definitely a quick tool for getting the job done.

It’s wild to think how much the way we interact with word-processing has evolved over the past few decades. Now students of all ages have access to keyboards in their pocket, backpack, or a cart in their classroom. This easy-to-navigate website lets users pick and choose where they’d like to explore. After they complete a test they have the option to download a certificate to chart their progress.

This website from TypeDojo might be one you recommend to families who want their children to become familiar and comfortable with using a keyboard. It is accessible on any web-browser so it can be used on a Chromebook, laptop, tablet or any device connected to the Internet. Although there is the option to set up an account, anyone can open up the website and dive into a test to find out how many words per minute they can type. In addition to finding the WPM, it also charts accuracy to make sure words are typed in correctly as they scroll across the screen.

What will you find on their website? TypeDojo’s website includes a one-minute, three-minute and five-minute test for students where they can choose a passage connected to different grade levels. There is also a WPM (words per minute) test and a ten-key test for typing numbers.

Head over to TypeDojo’s website to get started with any of their typing tests!

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