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StudySync New Podcast Series + Unit Creator Tool for Teachers

The folks at StudySync have just released two new tools worth exploring. The new Unit Creator tool lets teachers create their own unique, specialized units from scratch. They’ve also launched a new podcast feature designed to explore students’ views on 21st century learning and help them improve listening and critical thinking skills.

If you haven’t checked out StudySync before, they they have a suite of tools and resources all part of a comprehensive blended English Language Arts andEnglish Language Learner program for students in grades six through twelve.

StudySync New Podcast Series

The School of Thought podcast series features six episodes, with each one about four- to six-minutes in length. The episodes cover the following topics: how schools should be designed, the importance of homework, what subjects should be taught in schools, how to improve school lunch, how school schedules should be structured and the importance of extracurricular activities. I’m a big fan of podcasts and excited about these particular topics will be presented.

StudySync Unit Creator Tool for Teachers

This new resource from StudySync offers more instructional flexibility through customization so  teachers can design their own units of study for their classes. With the unit creator tool, teachers can select and combine different resources from StudySync to create a completely customized unit to meet the needs of their students. All you have to do is locate the new “Create Unit” button under StudySync’s Units Tab. Then you’ll find a template that enables teachers to add multiple lessons from StudySync’s curriculum libraries. You can select and customize material from the program’s stores of resources and create your own lessons too.

Learn more about StudySync by visiting their website!

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