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5 Classroom Activities for the NEW Video Feature in Spark

It’s here! This year I’ve shared some of the reasons I love Adobe Spark. I’m so excited that they’ve just released a new video feature for Spark Video. Now, users can add videos to their Spark creation instead of just still images, icons and text. When you open up Spark Video there is now the choice to add video to your slide!

This is a fantastic option for students who capture video on their tablet or smartphone and want to add it to there Spark Video creation.

So how can you use the NEW video feature in Spark? Here are five ideas for classroom activities that use the new video feature in Spark. Adobe Spark Video is free! You can access it on the web or find more information about their iPad and iPhone apps by clicking here.

5 Classroom Activities for Spark Video

  • Science Experiment: Instead of simply snapping pictures over the course of a science experiment, encourage students to capture video. They can use the video to show moments like a chemical reaction, or demonstrate how to perform a task. When students create Spark Videos to show off the steps of a science experiment video can help communicate the message.
  • Public Service Announcement: Students who are trying to persuade an audience can capture video as part of their call to action. You might have students record video to show how to navigate the recycling bins in the cafeteria to add to their PSA on reducing waste.
  • Field Trip Review: Similar to the video I created below, you can have students use the images and video they’ve captured on a field trip to create a Spark Video. Giving students the power to curate moments and organize their images is a great way for them to reflect on what they’ve learned during a trip outside of school.
  • Thank You Message: If you’ve had a special visitor come to your school or an organization make a donation, Spark Video is perfect for creating Thank You messages. The new video feature will help demonstrate impact and convey emotion.
  • School Tours: A great way to show off the work happening at your school is to create videos that take virtual visitors around the building. With the new video feature in Spark you can have students capture special moments to add to a school tour video.

Here’s a short (1 min) Spark Video creation that shows off a special trip. It includes the new video feature in Spark!

Ready to get started with Spark Video? Access Adobe Spark on the web or find out more information about their iPad and iPhone apps by clicking here.

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Monica Burns

Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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