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New Ways Teachers are Using Soundtrap Collaborative Music & Podcast Tool

December 17, 2016

Have you tried this yet? A few months ago I watched a live demo of Soundtrap. This collaborative music and podcast tool is being used by teachers and students around the world. Soundtrap is a web-browser and tablet friendly tool for education that puts powerful audio recording options in the hands of students of all ages. Some students use Soundtrap to record their voice to create audio podcasts. Others use Soundtrap to record music they play on an instrument or the built in loops and sounds within this tool.

Music & Podcast Tool

I wanted to showcase two special ways that educators are using Soundtrap in the classroom. It gives you an idea of how this tool is embraced by teachers and students to create engaging, cross-curricular learning experiences.


Some teachers are using Soundtrap to address specific curriculum outcomes, including the ways teacher Ben Kelly shares his experience in the video below. John Zirkle used Soundtrap to create a classroom of composers at his school in Big Sky, Montana and in Austin, Texas, music teacher Taylor Haun uses Soundtrap’s online recording studio with students.

Special Features of Soundtrap

Soundtrap comes with all sorts of tools for students and teachers and for someone with little musical experience like myself, I found the interface really friendly to use. Since Soundtrap saves your work to the cloud you can access your recordings on any device so it’s a great fit for a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) classroom. With Soundtrap, users can collaborate on one project from different locations. There is a chat and video feature built into this tools so students can work on a project when miles apart but still stay in contact as they create their piece of music or record audio for a podcast. Teachers can even use this tool to record audio to share with students for easy review of a lesson or as part of a flipped classroom model.

Learn more about Soundtrap by visiting their website!

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