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Apple Teacher Program: Self-Paced Learning and Badges

This has been a big week of Apple announcements! No matter how you feel about headphone jacks or the Apple Watch, teachers around the world are abuzz about the new announcements from Apple Education. This week Apple announced Apple Teacher a new program created to support and celebrate educators teaching all levels and subject areas.

apple-teacher-program-self-paced-learning-and-badgesWhat is the Apple Teacher program?

The Apple Teacher program provides a self-paced learning experience for educators. It includes tips, inspiration, news, and learning materials to help teachers discover the power of Apple tools in the classroom. As an Apple Distinguished Educator and former one-to-one iPad classroom teacher I know about the amazing things that can happen when technology tools are used to take your instructional goals to the next level.

How will the Apple Teacher program change your PD?

As a professional development facilitator it is so exciting to see this new release from Apple Education. Badging and micro-credentials is a wonderful way to get anyone excited about mastering new content. Teachers can decide if they want to focus on iPad or Mac proficiency before exploring different tools on each device.

Even if your school isn’t one-to-one, a better understanding of both the Mac and iPad can help you make the most of the devices your students have access to. From GarageBand to Pages, the tools in the Apple ecosystem can be tailored to all grade levels and subject areas.

You can click here to learn more about the Apple Teacher program and sign up to get started!


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6 Responses to “Apple Teacher Program: Self-Paced Learning and Badges”

  1. Hi Monica
    I love your book and the ideas you share, but every time I go to use them, or
    sign up for them or download that app I get the same message – Sorry this is not available in your country! Nothing is available in Australia arghhhh so frustrating.
    “The Apple Teacher Program has not launched in your country yet? Visit the Apple Teacher Program page for a list of eligible countries!

    • Hi Melissa, I definitely understand your frustration! Right now the Apple Teacher program is only available in the US but word on the street is that it is expanding to global users soon. Thank you for your support, I’m so glad you love my book :)

      • Hi Brent, it really depends on your prior experience with the individual products. It took me longer to earn the Numbers page since I don’t use that tool everyday and other badges like Keynote and Pages were easier. They have so many great resources on their site to support teachers. You may want to start off working to earn a badge on a tool you are very familiar with. This will give you a sense of how to pace yourself. Good luck and keep me posted! Best, Monica

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