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4 Special Features of Teacher Resource OpenEd

September 9, 2016

Looking for free resources? OpenEd is an open educational resource library for teachers. It contains videos, games and formative assessments from across the Internet all in one place. With this totally free tool, teachers can search for educational resources by subject and standard. This makes it easy to find just what you’re looking for whether you are teaching kindergarteners or high school students.

Teacher Resource OpenEd

Teachers can use OpenEd to create rosters of students and assign them different resources to explore. If you are working with students with a variety of needs and want to differentiate your instruction, this is a great place to find resources. The use of multimedia in the classroom can be a game changer for many students. A video clip or tutorial can make a world of a difference for students working independently to master a new skill.

Special features of OpenEd

  1. Free resources such as videos and formative assessments are reviewed for not just for quality but if they are accurately aligned to standards. This includes all of the K-12 Common Core Standards, the Next Gen Science Standards, TEKS Math, TEKS ELA and more.
  2. OpenEd is now a division of ACT. Your students can access ACT practice quizzes to help them prepare for the exam.
  3. There is one-click integration with Google Classroom so teachers can make the resources they’ve handpicked for students easily accessible. If you have Google Classroom set up for your students this makes it super easy to share just-right resources with your class.
  4. Any time a student hasn’t finished an assignment it automatically loads back to Google Classroom. So teachers can monitor student progress. This includes when students need extra help.
If you’re interested in learning about OpenEd check out the video above or visit their website to explore their library of content!

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