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Tweeting the Read Aloud: Engaging and Motivating Readers

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Read-alouds are a crucial part of English language arts instruction. Students of all ages should be exposed to high-quality stories and informational text. Reading aloud to children provides an amazing opportunity for them to engage with text. Younger students can listen to stories that are too challenging for them to tackle by themselves.  Older children can follow along as listeners and learn reading behaviors that will strengthen their own independent practice. The Common Core State Standards provide insight into the importance of conducting read-alouds, especially in the early grades. It’s a fantastic way to introduce students to stories and have rich discussions around theme, author’s purpose, and so much more.

Tweeting the Read Aloud 1Modeling Connectivity

When I speak to teachers about technology integration, one topic that I always mention is the importance of developing a personal learning network and leveraging social media to stay connected…

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