Blue Planet Tales: Interactive Storybooks for Tablets

5 Oct

Blue Planet Tales: Interactive Storybooks for Tablets
I spend a lot of time visiting schools and talking to teachers about accessing text from tablets.  Blue Planet Tales is an app for iPads and Android devices that places interactive texts in the hands of students.  Students can read along with the text and there are questions at the end of each book.

Blue Planet Tales: Interactive Storybooks for TabletsBlue Planet Tales is a great choice for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments with a mix of Android and iPad tablets.  Students can access a variety of texts straight from their mobile tablet.  This app is full of stories that connect to social studies and science topics.  Topics include Apollo 11, Davy Crockett and Marie Curie.  The app is free to download and each book is purchased individually – users all have the option to sign up for a subscription service.

Learn more about Blue Planet Tales by visiting the app store links above!

Virtual Tour: Guggenheim Museum iPad App

4 Oct

Virtual Tour: Guggenheim Museum iPad App Virtual Tour: Guggenheim Museum iPad AppThe Guggenheim Museum has an app for iPads that is perfect for a virtual field trip.  It includes tons of images from the collection as well as informational text to explore.  Students can learn about this historic building and all of the items on display.

Easy to navigate and full of interesting information, Guggenheim for iPad is a completely free app that is worth checking out.  Students might show interest on this topic already or you may want to incorporate it into a study of landmarks.

Learn more about Guggenheim for iPad by visiting the Apple App Store!

5 Language Learning Apps for iPads

3 Oct

5 Language Learning Apps for iPadsHere’s a preview of my post for Teachability – click on the link below to read more!

The portability of a tablet makes it easy to learn on the go.  Students using their own personal device or spending time with an iPad in school can benefit from the many educational apps available in the Apple App Store. Children learning a new language can access tons of apps that support language acquisition.  These apps combine visuals, audio cues, colorful images and games to grab the attention of students and help them understand the meaning of new words.

Kids’ Vocab – Mindsnacks

This app is engaging and addictive, with tons of games to help students master the English language.  It covers 350 vocabulary words all grouped together into…

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Kinvolved: Messaging and Attendance Reporting App for Schools and Families

2 Oct

Kinvolved: Messaging and Attendance Reporting App for Schools and Families
Kinvolved is a fantastic EdTech company I’ve had the pleasure of seeing present at events in New York City.  They’ve created a platform that makes it easy for teachers and schools to communicate with parents in real time.  With Kinvolved teachers can send home information on student attendance that keeps parents informed and kids accountable.  Their goal is to reduce dropout rates and increase graduation rates.

Kinvolved: Messaging and Attendance Reporting App for Schools and FamiliesTeachers can use Kinvolved to quickly and simply input students’ attendance information for each period.   Messages are sent to families in different languages – all with the goal of keeping parents in the loop.  Attendance is correlated with student achievement and drop-out rates.  Their mission is to keep parents engaged throughout their child’s schooling.

Visit Kinvolved’s website to learn more about the impact they’ve had so far and how to sign up your school!

Nuten Math Keyboard for iPhones: Type and Share Expressions

1 Oct
unnamedOne of the great new features for iOS devices this year is the ability to add additional keyboards to your device.  Nuten is a powerful math and science keyboard for the iPhone.  It is an easy-to-use math keyboard available now on iPhones.  With Nuten, students and teachers can quickly create both simple and complex mathematical expressions and share the resulting images through native apps like Messages, Mail, or Twitter.
Nuten covers a wide range of mathematical symbology, from basic algebra to differential and integral calculus, statistics, set theory, and logic.  Its intuitive keyboard design includes over 200 symbols.  Whether students are working on homework problems from their mobile device or teachers are supporting students who need extra help, Nuten is the perfect app for quickly sharing ideas, saving important equations, and helping friends who need it right from your phone.
Learn more visiting Nuten’s website or download Nuten from the Apple App Store!

The Kinder Corral: Free Kindergarten Math Game for Tablets

30 Sep

The Kinder Corral: Free Kindergarten Math Game for TabletsThe Kinder Corral is an interactive math game available for iOS and Android devices.  This app included farm-themed games that explore math for Kindergarteners. The set of five games begins with tracing numbers and ends with greater than or less than comparisons.  Geared towards students preparing for Kindergarten, The Kinder Corral includes bright colors, playful animation and a journey through a farm using real world experiences.

The Kinder Corral: Free Kindergarten Math Game for TabletsIf you’re looking for an app that helps students build foundational math skills, The Kinder Corral is full of educational and engaging activities.  Kids will count newly hatched eggs, see relationships between shapes at a farm, and compare vegetables.  The Kinder Corrall has no in-app purchases or advertising and could be used for intervention or practice inside and out of school.

This totally free app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  Visit The Kinder Corral’s website to learn more!



Waggle from Triumph Learning: Online Practice and Instruction

29 Sep

Waggle from Triumph Learning: Online Practice and InstructionWaggle from Triumph Learning provides a blended learning solution to help teachers achieve success beyond the test. It analyzes different aspects of student behavior to tailor a unique learning path for each student. The software meets each student where they are on the learning continuum and cultivates a safe environment that encourages students to explore. Waggle provides a differentiated instruction tool set to meet the needs of individual students using real time reporting to pinpoint strengths and areas in need of improvement.

Waggle uses three key metrics to measure progress: proficiency, grit and pacing levels. Waggle also provides differentiated instructional tool set for teachers with Triumph Learning’s Coach resources, including lessons, tests, quizzes and practice items.  With resources for Math and ELA, Waggle is a great choice for teachers looking to support students learning at a different pace than their peers.

Visit Triumph Learning’s website to learn more about Waggle!

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