smart toy

Osmo Numbers: A Brand New Interactive Math Game

Osmo is an amazing company that has transformed the way educators use iPads in the classroom.  Their interactive math game let students combine tangible manipulatives with a digital device.  I was introduced to Osmo when it first came out and they sent me a device to try out. Now they have a brand-new app and toy called […]

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TheO SmartBall for Active Learning

Designed for elementary school-aged children and special education students, TheO SmartBall enhances learning in the classroom with physical activity and engagement.  TheO SmartBall can provide an opportunity for self-directed learning, and is a simple way to introduce technology into a variety of learning environments. TheO SmartBall for Active Learning All  you have to do is […]

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Sphero Launches SPRK Program for Classrooms

Have you heard of a Sphero? This interactive robot brings game play to life with a smart toy that rolls, spins and races based on moves programmed by the user.  Sphero is both iOS and Android friendly thanks to the dozens of apps that help users send instructions to this smart toy.  If you haven’t seen […]

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