Easy Annotate: Simple & Dynamic Annotation App

Easy Annotate is a fantastic annotation app for iPads that gives teachers and students a simple and dynamic way to interact with documents.  Users can upload PDF documents to Easy Annotate for side-by-side editing.  Easy Annotate lets students highlight, write, and take notes all over documents.  It’s a great choice for researchers and readers interacting […]

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NoteLedge Ultimate App to Take Notes on iPad

NoteLedge Ultimate is the brand new version of the NoteLedge series of apps. Compared with the free version I shared last year, the new NoteLedge Ultimate features a sleek, clean look, and calendar integration with local and Google Calendar.  It has a full-screen web clipper, brush tools, new file managers and more.  NoteLedge Ultimate is a universal app […]

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MONKEYmount for iPad Classrooms

Classrooms looking to use their iPad as a document camera will absolutely love MONKEYmount 280 by GORILLAdigital.  MONKEYmount turns your iPad (or any tablet) into a document camera that works in both portrait and landscape mode.  It lets teachers make a 360° pivot and 360° rotation.  The MONKEYmount also has a vertical adjustment arm and can be attached […]

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