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Buncee Buddies: Earth Day 2016

This April, eduBuncee is excited to host Buncee Buddies: Earth Day 2016, connecting classrooms (i.e. Buncee Buddies) from around the world to explore how they celebrate Earth Day! Teachers worldwide can sign their classes up for the project. Then they can have their students create buncees. This could include topics like the importance of environmental […]

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Winter Projects for Your Classroom with Buncee

Wintertime can often be hectic for teachers. So how can you incorporate winter projects? Buncee could be the answer to your cold-weather classroom blues! Holiday breaks, standardized testing, and indoor recess – it is a busy time of year. Things can go from mundane to madness in just a matter of weeks. But here’s the good […]

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Student creativity in the classroom can facilitate successful learning. Incorporating the creative process into lessons enhances engagement, increases retention, and encourages communication. Students of all ages benefit from a clear demonstration of a lesson. Comprehension can be strengthened when creativity is incorporated. gives students the tools to combine imagination with information through a fun […]

Read More Earth Day Contest is a creation and presentation tool. They are is hosting The buncee Earth Day Contest. To enter, students K – 8 will be asked to create a buncee. The buncee should also answer the question, “What could your school do to help protect the Earth?” The winners will receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card and […]

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How are students showing off their Science Fair Projects this school year? is a web and mobile tool for teachers and students to easily create their own multimedia content. The fun digital canvas makes it easy for students. They can add the power of digital media to all kinds of school projects. This is especially true […]

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Create A Kindness Journal On

Start the new year off with activities that develop empathy in your students. A kindness journal is a great activity to work on empathy, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is the perfect time to start one. Students can create a kindness journal on which they can add to throughout the […]

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Digital Storytelling for the Holidays with!

Cold weather and cocoa drinking make the holiday season a perfect time for all kinds of storytelling. With, children can develop digital storytelling skills as they craft their own original holiday stories, all while strengthening creativity and having fun! Digital Storytelling’s simple creation canvas empowers students to make their stories come to life. […]

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Buncee for Student Creations on iPads

Buncee is a web based creation tool. It makes it simple for students to create anything. From digital stories and multimedia research reports, to interactive presentations and holiday cards, the possibilities are endless. Buncee Creation Tool Using buncee’s digital creation canvas, you and your students can easily complete creative online projects by combining personal media, Buncee […]

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How Students Can Work in Teams Remotely with Rachelle Dene Poth – Easy EdTech Podcast 064

In this episode, I talk with ISTE author Rachelle Dene Poth about collaboration in remote learning environments. She shares strategies for supporting students working in teams when they aren’t side-by-side but working from home instead. You’ll also hear about her favorite technology tools and tips for remote learning. Listen to the podcast episode on your […]

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Remote Learning Webinars and Community from Microsoft Education

Over the past few months, remote learning has been front of mind for so many educators. With lots of available resources to support this work, I’m excited to spotlight some of the fantastic free resources from Microsoft Education.  They have new remote learning webinars and a remote learning community for educators. At the end of March, […]

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